Trainings of Peer Assessment Teams

The PASCL project aims to train experts (to be included in the European PASCL pool of experts) who will share their skills and knowledge on the national level and will contribute to the increasing awareness on the changes to be made in the learning and teaching culture at institutional level. The training to be held in Budapest is the first step in the peer-assessment process, whereby the peer-assessment team-members, and the representatives of the participating institutions are acquainted with and discuss the concepts and philosophies on which the peer-assessment process is built upon (such as student-centered learning and enhancement-led evaluation), and the steps of the peer-assessment process itself.

The training aims to:

  • ensure that both the teams and the institutions have a shared understanding of the goals and procedures of the peer-assessment process
  • help members of peer-assessment teams prepare for the site-visits
  • ensure an understanding on the ways the meetings with the different members of the participating institutions should be facilitated
  • help the participating institutions in preparing the necessary background materials and organize the meetings
  • make both team members and participating institutions benefit in the best possible way from the process of peer-assessment

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