Reports of PASCL Site Visits

In May 2015, EHEA Ministerial Conference adopted the new, revised Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). Part of the new standard is Student-centred learning, more specifically meaning that the institutions ensure that the programmes are delivered in a way that encourages students to take an active role in creating the learning process.

The European Commission-funded PASCL Project gives an opportunity to volunteering HEIs to look into their performance regarding implementation of SCL and assist them in introducing SCL strategies at institutional level.

The PASCL site visits will be based on the tradition of enhancement-led evaluation and will consist of four stages:

  1. The PASCL training providing the procedures and goals of the peer assessment visits
  2. The preparation stage in which the participating institution works on a self-assessment report
  3. The two-day PASCL peer assessment visit conducted by two PASCL experts trained within the framework of the project. During the visit, the peer assessment team meets with the institution’s leadership, faculties, quality assurance actors, support services, teachers and students.
  4. The peer assessment team provides the institution with a PASCL report focusing on recommendations regarding student-centred learning.

Below find the reports of the Universities that participated in the project.



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