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Within the context of the Bologna Process, European Higher Education Area ministers met on 14-15 May in Armenia and unanimously adopted the Yerevan Communiqué during the second day of EHEA Ministerial Summit and Fourth Bologna Policy Forum. The new Communiqué contains clear ministers’ commitments on the implementation of student-centred learning. Moreover, during the Summit new revised version of the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in higher education (ESG) were adopted, containing for the first time a standard on student-centred learning, teaching and assessment.
The PASCL project was developed on the basis of this standard and all of the partners involved in project welcome ministers commitment towards the implementation of student-centred learning concept. For the Summit, PASCL leading partner ESU delivered the publication “Bologna With Student Eyes 2015” as a reality-check of what has been agreed upon by national governments within the Bologna Process and what the actual situation is for students. One of the chapters refers to the PASCL research study on student-centred learning.

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