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UNICA, institutional Network of the Universities from the Capitals of Europe, has 46 members and combines the strength of over 150,000 staff members and 1,800,000 students in 35 countries. It was founded in 1990
and is a leading institutional academic inter-university network in Europe. Its role is to promote academic excellence, integration and co-operation between member universities throughout Europe. The Network is characterized by a wide geographical coverage and a manageable size. This diversity enriches the entire network and provides a forum in which universities can reflect on the demands of strategic change in university research, education and administration. Members come together formally in working groups to solve current problems faced by higher education institutions. UNICA has a Brussels-based General Secretariat that takes care of the day-to-day management of the organization.

Why we are participating in PASCL?

UNICA seeks to be a driving force in the development of the Bologna Process and the enhancement of European Higher Education Area. The Network recognizes thus the necessity to support and promote the idea of Student-Centered Learning throughout Europe. Having a network of universities behind this initiative is important for the quality of the results as it provides a good sample of the present reality of student-centered learning across Europe. In addition, the UNICA internal and external activities will offer an opportunity to integrate new ideas and to promote the project, as well as facilitate the access to experts in the field.

Our role in the project

UNICA will have as main responsibility the leading of the Work Package 4 – Piloting the Peer Assessment on Students-Centered Learning and the Work Package 7 – Exploitation of the results of the project. This means that UNICA will organize a number of site visits at chosen universities, in order to first test and in the later stage exploit the peer assessment tools developed in the beginning phase of the project. Based on its experience and contacts, and seizing its European-wide character, UNICA will also provide a forum for exchanging ideas and good practices, therefore disseminating the results of the project through its different working groups, like UNICA EduLab.

Our project team

Kris Dejonckheere , UNICA Secretary General
Marta Brelih-Wasowska, UNICA Communication Officer
Dominique Montagnese, UNICA Project & Event Officer

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