Information about the PartnerM3

MELIUS s.r.l. is a private company working in the field of educational and vocational guidance and of lifelong learning, focusing on employability and enterpreneurship.

Main working areas are:

  • Support to the management of guidance and training services for public and private bodies;
  • ICTs in educational and vocational guidance (e-guidance), and Technology Enhanced Learning;
  • Training for guidance practitioners;
  • ICTs for training and employability;
  • Evaluation and quality review of products, projects and programmes in guidance, training and social development fields.

Melius designs and develops  tools, studies, and services in cooperation with public and private organisations in Italy and abroad.

Melius was founded in 2006 by Maria Chiara Vita Finzi, Cristina Cogoi and Francesca Torlone: the company was awarded the best entrepreneurial idea by the Provincial Authority of Bologna – Industry, Handicrafts and Trade Unit (2006).

Why we are participating in Pascl?

One of our main working areas is  the evaluation and quality review of projects and experiences in the training development field, and we are also highly interested in HEIs. Through PASCL project we can have synergies with further projects and activities we are carrying on, and we can also share the project results with other partners in a wider perspective.

Our role in the project

Considering Melius experience in project quality assurance and evaluation in projects like:

• Project “Precoll 2009-2010”: Applicant University of Florence (Melius as external evaluator with subcontracting)

• “Virtual Guidance (LLP-TOI) from 2009 to 2011”: Applicant Kar-Der – TR (Melius as external evaluator of impact and effectiveness of transfer, by subcontracting)

• “Project eGOS” (CIP-IPS-PSP) from 2008 – 2012 (Melius Technical coordinator and in charge of monitoring and internal evaluation for 21 partners)

• “Project Diogenes (LLP-TOI) 2007-2009: Applicant Province of Arezzo (Melius acted as partner responsible of internal evaluation), we agreed to lead the quality assurance work-package (WP5) and also preparing the sustainability plan.

Our project team

Maria Chiara Vita Finzi: Project manager
Gigliola Paviotti: Senior researcher
Antonia Ruggieri: Senior researcher

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