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The Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER) is a multidisciplinary centre for educational research, assessment, and development, based at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Its vast research experience, wide-ranging fields of study, and multidisciplinary approach make the FIER a nationally unique and an internationally significant unit of educational research. The FIER investigates the whole range of the education system from basic education up to higher education and adult learning, exploring also the relationships between education and the world of work. Also learning taking place outside the formal education system, like in working life and in various networks, belongs to our research targets.

Why we are participating in Pascal?

The research activities of the Institute promote learning and provide support to teachers, schools, and policy-makers engaged in educational development in the changing societies.Research into the relationships between education and the world of work is oriented broadly to the interaction between the education system and work both in terms of individual learning and at the level of educational institutions and working life organisations. Student-Centred Learning is an important piece of this puzzle. FIER’s multidisciplinary research teams are uniquely positioned to develop and appraise the complex questions related to the implementation of student centred learning in European higher education institutions.

Our role in the project

FIER is the lead partner of the work package 2: ‘SCL Peer Assessment Procedures’. The main task of the FIER research team in the PASCL project is to design the SCL Peer assessment procedures and to prepare the guidelines for the peer assessment teams visiting the institutions. The FIER team will also participate in preparation of the background questionnaire and in designing and providing the training for the peer assessment teams.

Our project team

Jussi Välimaa, Professor, PhD
Terhi Nokkala, PhD, Senior researcher
Helena Aittola, PhD, Senior researcher

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